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In recent years we’ve seen a massive change in the way we shop, with the rise of the internet shoppingand smartphones some may have feared for future of the “bricks and mortar” shopping experience.However retailers are fighting back, by adopting the latest digital technology and cutting edge touch systems,shops are enhancing customer experience by blending the physical with the virtual.

Our work in Retail sector

Consumers expect retailers to adopt the latest technologies, and to provide quick, reliable performance irrespective of the location. With our increasingly 24 hour a day / 7 day per week culture there is a growing demand for self-service Point of Sale (POS) systems capable of carrying out a variety of functions in all conditions. Such terminals may be required to operate outdoors, to survive vandalism or to allow multiple customers/users to operate the screen at the same time. Zytronic’s PCT and MPCT touch sensing products allow all these to be possible – even in the same application.

Key benefits of our systems

Customisable designs and durability are paramount for retail applications, Zytronic’s PCT™ and MPCT™ touch screens can easily than meet both of these requirements.

Touch sensors can be fully customised based upon the needs of the client. Options include:

  • An almost limitless choice of sizing, up to 85”
  • Options for specialist glass including, anti-reflective, mirrored and anti-microbial.
  • Specialist edge finishing, cut outs, holes and slots, as well as screen-printed borders.
  • Customers can also specify whether their touch screen is flat or curved
  • Flexible, rollable film construction.

Our sensors are also available with thermally toughened or chemically strengthened glass in a range of thicknesses. With Zytronic touch sensors there is no need for to comprise aesthesis for durability. Recommended products;


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Zytronic are pioneers in projected capacitive touch technology. We have been developing and manufacturing highly durable, stable touch sensors since 2000. Our patented and proprietary PCT™ (single/dual touch) and MPCT™ (multitouch) products provide manufacturers of self-service and industrial touchscreen systems with both precision and resilience. With over 40 years’ experience in glass processing and lamination, our knowhow and processes are unique within the field.

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Where to buy

We export more than 90% of our products to customers around the world with the assistance of a network of representatives and specialist resellers, all backed up by established Zytronic sales teams in theUK, USA, Taiwan and Japan.

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On this website, you should find everything you need to know about Zytronic’s unique touch sensing technology, including links to our Drivers, Manuals & Data Sheets, instructional videos and information about our touch controller range. Our UK based team of engineers and scientists are available to provide rapid on-line and phone support, and our local sales and technical support staff can make site visits by arrangement.

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